Residential Junk Removal

Residential Junk Removal at your Doorstep!

Everyone has junk. Whether it’s stored away in an attic, shoved in the corner of your garage, or buried deep within a closet; the fact is that it still remains. We all have good intentions of cleaning and getting organized, but when it comes to the logistics of actually hauling all of the junk away…the task can be very daunting!

Yes, having junk is a headache. But removing junk can be even worse. This is where 1-877-5-DUMP-IT comes in. We provide a residential junk removal service at a reasonable price. Our coverage areas include several counties in Boston, including: Suffolk, Norfolk, Bristol, Plymouth and Barnstable. So don’t delay, call 1-877-5-DUMP-IT today!

How does junk removal work?

After scheduling an appointment, two of our uniformed employees will show up at your home at the designated time. You don’t have to do anything with your junk, just leave it where it is. Our experienced junk removers will pack their truck with your junk…whether it’s in the attic, basement, toolshed, or another storage area. Once we have hauled your junk away, we’ll sort it and dispose of it properly. This means that recyclables are taken to the recycling center, items that can still be used are donated to charities or given to refurbishing centers, and what remains will be taken to the nearest landfill.

What will 1-877-5-DUMP-IT haul off for me?

A quick answer to this is: Anything that our two certified junk haulers can fit into their truck. The only exceptions are chemical, biological, or hazardous materials.

How much does 1-877-5-DUMP-IT charge for residential junk removal?

Our costs are reasonable, and most likely less than you would think. The price of a job is based on how much space in our truck your things take up. One-eighth of a truck is our minimum charge. From there, the price increase in one-twelfth increments…all the way up to a full load. The exact cost will be calculated by our crew on-site, including tax.

Payments are easy…we accept cash, check, or credit/debit cards.

Say goodbye to your junk and call 1-877-5-DUMP-IT today!

Or use our online scheduling feature to check for availability in your area.